First time in Spain!
24-30 July 2011

· in Sabadell near Barcelona
· led by the founder of Acem, Dr Are Holen

Robert meditating

– Long meditations
– Seminars
– Guidance groups
– Acem Yoga
– Social interaction

This retreat provides plenty of time for meditation and self reflection. Long meditations help to alleviate deep layers of stress and muscular tensions, and to increase inner calm and receptiveness. By refining our meditation practice, we become more aware of hitherto unrecognized psychological patterns and emotions in ourselves.

Evening seminars

Are HolenWe are happy to announce that on this retreat, Acem’s founder Dr. Are Holen will give evening seminars on the psychology of meditation, aiming to improve our practice of the technique.

Dr. Holen is a psychiatrist and a professor of behavioural medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is a renowned meditation expert, with a wide reputation for his stress research. He is also a respected lecturer and meditation guide.

Dr. Holen founded Acem in 1966 and is the head of Acem International. His evening talks will be in English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Long meditations

The retreat aims at helping participants reach the 3-hour level of long meditations.

Guidance groups every day – in English or Spanish

Small guidance groups will be led by experienced instructors. In the group meetings, there will be ample opportunity to talk about our meditative experience. This will help improve our practice and provide a deeper perspective on important personal issues.

Course instructors

Miren Lugarezaresti, Jacqueline Robert, Arve Breen, Karen Breen, Øyvind Ellingsen, Arne Heimdal, Tor Hersoug and Vibeke Videm.


Basic instruction in Acem Yoga will facilitate long meditations.

Social interaction

The activities at the retreat provide opportunities for varied social interaction.

Who can participate?

The retreat is for those who have already taken a beginners’ course in Acem Meditation.

Why participate?

– more extensive effects than daily meditations
– improved effectiveness of daily meditations
– increased understanding of our own meditation
– deep relaxation and rest
– an agreeable experience
– enhanced meditation sound (by application)

Typical daily programme:

– Long meditations of 3-4 hours in the morning
– Guidance groups
– Free time/time to walk
– Basic instruction in Acem Yoga
– Group meditation in the afternoon
– Evening seminars
– Social interaction

The retreat starts on Sunday 24 July at 18:00 and ends on Saturday 30 July around 14:00.


The food is lactovegetarian. For many this is a pleasant new experience.

Aparthotel Vallès in Sabadell

Aparthotel VallésThe retreat will take place in the Aparthotel Vallès in Sabadell, 20 km northwest of Barcelona. Address: C/ Milena Jesenska, 40-60, 08206 Sabadell.

Each participant will be allocated a double room for single use, comfortably furnished with armchair and en suite bathroom.

The venue is easily accessed, being situated approximately 30 km from Barcelona Airport (El Prat), 95 km from Girona. Aparthotel Vallès is about a 15-minute walk from Sabadell Norte train station. There is a bus stop in front of the hotel.

Retreat fee

Registration and payment before 10 May: EUR 430
Registration and payment after 10 May: EUR 530
The fee includes access to the entire programme, accommodation and full board.

Registration and payment

For more information write to: