Svein Strømberg at the Acem communication course

“The insights from this course are directly applicable to social situations at home and at work.” Svein Strømberg grew up in Norway, but has spent the past 16 years with his wife and two girls in Switzerland, where he works in sales of industrial raw materials. This year he participated in the Acem International Training Course in Interpersonal Communication.

“I had read about the communication course before I came here, so I thought I knew what to expect. But the open structure of the group sessions took me by surprise. I had imagined there would be a fixed agenda for the group activities. Instead, it was left to us, the participants, to find a way to start communicating. It was fascinating, but also slightly unsettling. In the beginning there was quite a lot of silence. But gradually we found ways of relating to each other. And in the process, with only a little help from the leaders and the other participants, I made quite a few new discoveries about myself. I began to identify patterns that I had only vaguely perceived before, such as my tendency – and even need – to adapt to external structures.”

Svein decided to attend the communication course on the strength of recommendations from previous participants. He was curious.

“The course was extremely intense. In the group sessions, I could always rely on good support from the leaders whenever I approached difficult topics. The evening lectures were of a very high standard and helped us understand the processes we were going through. I learnt a lot about myself, and the course has also helped me to understand other people better. My communication with family and colleagues has become more meaningful. Insights from the communication course are useful in many social settings.”

Svein found the course location an extra bonus. “The Halvorsbøle retreat centre has some stunning scenery. It reminds me of my childhood. You can hear the wind blowing through the pine trees, and you can see the beautiful lake and the hills on the other side. It is a high-quality centre with great facilities and wonderful food.”