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Learn to meditate at the World Retreat

Beginner’s courses in several languages available

Kristine meditatesIf you don’t yet know Acem Meditation, you can learn the technique at the World Retreat. And if you already know the method, you can bring along friends or family who want to learn. Beginner’s courses are available in English, German, Spanish, and Mandarin. Read more…

Acem Meditation Day

Join Acem meditators around the world by celebrating Acem’s 50th anniversary in your local Acem center!

acem_meditation_day_markeringen_i_oslo_acem_large_acem_large Read more…

Morals, moralism and meditation

(pdf version: KLUG-#756714-v1-Morals_moralism_and_meditation2)

Eirik Jensen

Morals, moralism and meditation

Does Acem Meditation weaken  our moral inhibitions? Or is there a morality in Acem Meditation? If so, in what sense, and of what kind?

Acem Meditation is more than relaxation and increased energy. It is an introspective activity that can touch us at deep levels, if we choose to invest sufficient time and effort in practicing the method. In various ways meditation can then lead to a reorientation of our basic attitudes towards existence, including what we consider to be moral and immoral. This article discusses certain points of contact between the moral and the meditative realms. The purpose is to clarify certain ethical implications of the meditative practice. [1]

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