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Chill out

More copy“Here are three novel techniques to help you de-stress,” writes MORE, an American magazine “for women of style and substance”. One of the techniques they recommend for those who want to “chill out” is Acem Meditation, because it does not ask you to empty your mind, but allows thoughts and impressions to come and go freely. This “makes this Norwegian version much easier for some people.” Read more…

Weeklong retreats of Acem Meditation 2014

Different tastes – different levels – different goals

RetreatThe dates for next year’s Acem retreats are now available. There are several options: for young meditators who would like to combine a meditation retreat with a week of fun in the sun, for people of all ages who want to learn a meditation technique they can use to combat stress and stimulate personal growth, for people who already practise Acem Meditation and would like to break barriers and gain insight by meditating beyond the 3-hour level, and for experienced meditators who want to practise 6-hour meditations to access deeper layers of inner silence. Read more…

The birds flew in

BlomsterThe news about the terror tragedy in Norway 22 July, where 69 youth and 8 government employees were killed, made a strong impression on the participants at the Spanish retreat of Acem Meditation which started just after the tragedy.
The Spanish meditators took the initiative to make paper birds in many colours, each one with their personal greetings to Norway, as a token of their empathy.

The birds flew into the ocean of flowers in front of the Cathedral in Oslo.

Doing more by doing less

Merete HetlandI recently returned from 3 weeks’ retreat in Acem meditation. It was a retreat with very long meditations that allowed the meditators to explore new aspects of the mind. Periods where the mind wandered through thoughts and emotions regarding present and past life experiences were intermingled with more silent hours where the mind became quiet although awake and present.

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Monks and nuns have got it!

Last week I visited the Dharma Drum Buddhist College in Taiwan to give two academic talks on the history of meditation. The audience, however, turned out to be much more interested in hearing about Acem Meditation. Many of them were monks and nuns (though also quite a few laypeople) with a lot of meditative training behind them. In significant respects, their forms of meditation are very different from Acem’s, but still their abundant experience made them a very interesting group to talk to.

So what is it that makes them different from an ordinary group of people with an interest in meditation?

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Meditation – not just a quick fix

Reading some of these posts reminds me of a story someone told me some time ago: A meditation teacher was giving an introductory talk about Acem Meditation in the US. Knowing that Americans typically tend to expect and prefer quick results, but nevertheless reluctant to convey unrealistic expectations, he told them that the deeper benefits of Acem Meditation – those that involve personal growth and personality change – may not occur before several months of regular meditation. One of the listeners responded increduously: “Did you say months?!?

Americans seem already to be fed up with Obama – he has been President for over a year now, and has still not fixed the economy, the war in Afghanistan and the health system – heck, he hasn’t even balanced the budget!  I wonder whether this impatient attitude is now not only typically American, but becoming more prevalent all over the world. And at the same time there must be something in most of us that understands – at some level – that this short term perspective is not only unrealistic, but shallow, and that the more important and valuable processes in life always take time.  Read more…

What happened in Spain?

One day in April, when Arne Heimdal opened his e-mail account back home in Oslo, his mailbox was filled to the brim with letters from Spain asking about courses in Acem Meditation. He had been coordinator of Acem’s activities in Spain since 2001, but had never experienced anything like this, with several hundred e-mails in just a few days. What had happened?
Barcelona large

It turned out that Acem’s founder, Dr Are Holen, had been interviewed in La Vanguardia, the biggest newspaper in the Barcelona area. The interview covered the whole back page, which according to locals is the most frequently read page in the entire newspaper. Dr. Holen had visited Barcelona a few weeks earlier to give a public lecture about scientific studies of meditation, including Acem Meditation brain research in which he himself had been involved. (You can read an English translation of the interview here.)

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