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It was like magic!

Mercedes Ozuna

Mercedes Ozuna on Acem Meditation

If I hadn’t meditated, I wouldn’t have had the necessary self-confidence, but last autumn I applied for a promotion at work. I didn’t have the courage to do such things before, but have developed more trust in myself. Read more…

Training in Interpersonal Communication 2015

25 April–3 May at Acem International Retreat Centre Halvorsbøle, Norway

CommunicationThis is an opportunity for in-depth exploration of patterns of communication and underlying psychological issues that can make or break projects and relationships.

Registration for the course is now open. Last year’s course was fully booked, with waiting lists, so don’t delay. Read more…

Our hearts and brains contain a lot we aren’t aware of

Raquel Sanz: “Halvorsbøle is a good place for meditation.”

raquel sanz“When I was invited to learn Acem Meditation last year at Acem International Retreat Centre Halvorsbøle, I was happy. It was the opportunity I had been waiting for. My son was two years old, the timing was right. I quickly made up my mind to meditate for the available time I had every day, even when that meant only ten minutes, and then expand the time I have for meditation whenever possible.
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A gradual change of direction

Frank Otto interviewed by Anne Grete Hersoug

Frank Otto Acem MeditationFrank Otto has a doctoral degree in theoretical chemistry, and is working with software development in a small company in Berlin. We met him during his third visit this year to Acem International Retreat Centre Halvorsbøle in Norway.
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Training in interpersonal communication

Training in Interpersonal Communication

Saturday 28 April – Sunday 6 May, 2012

Self-insight • Leadership qualities • Empathy and sensitivity
Interpersonal social skills • Ability to handle conflicts
Understanding of group dynamics

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“Better to ride the horse than be stuck in the stirrup”

Ingelin Rössland interviewed by Thor Udenæs
at Acem’s communication course

Ingelin RøsslandThe landscape of Ingelin Rössland’s childhood was a farm on the west coast of Norway, with cows, sheep, a cat, a dog, and a large family. Now she lives in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, where she works as an author, translator and journalist. She is 35 years old and still has the eagerness to learn that she developed as a child. This year she came to the Acem communication course to explore possibilities for personal growth. Read more…

90 years old and on the road to reconciliation

Berit ØstbyBerit Østby interviewed by Halvor Eifring

She is not quite a typical 90-year-old. Last year she published a book of poetry, the fruit of five intensive years’ labour. When the book was finished, she rewarded herself with an Acem communication course, on the last night of which she read aloud from the collection, in a clear, authoritative voice and with a distinctive flair for the dramatic. She is now in full swing writing a novel. And hopes she can be reconciled with her mother.

In the interview, she immediately takes control: “I want to tell you about when I first learned to meditate. You can edit afterwards.” It was in the 1970s. She had not thought that meditation was for her, but a friend took her to a lecture by the founder of Acem, Are Holen, and she was struck. “His facial expressions and sense of humour made me laugh. I saw everything he said in my mind’s eye. I decided to join in the way forward.”

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“This will make my life more colourful.”

— Olga Leschen at the communication course

Olga Leschen at HalvorsbøleOlga’s life has been full of changes. She was born in Omsk, Russia’s 5th largest city, and grew up with Russian as her native language. When she was 19, her family decided to move to Germany. She would have liked to stay on in her childhood city, but had to move along. She didn’t know a single word of any language other than Russian, and admits that the first year was difficult. But it is not her nature to give up easily. She learnt German during the first few years of her new life, passed her high school exams, got the necessary A levels, and made her way to university. In Russia, she had wanted to study psychology, but in Germany she changed her mind and studied international transport management. Now she works in the international account management department of a German manufacturing company and is responsible for customers in Russia. She has also spent three years in Hungary.

Olga in canoe

Learning about herself

Why Acem training in interpersonal communication?

After she learnt Acem Meditation, Olga practised zealously and went to an international weeklong retreat in Norway. The idea of a communication course added a psychological aspect which was new and appealing. She had never relinquished her interest in psychology, and when she heard about the communication course, she was intrigued. She wanted to find out more through her own experience.

In the beginning, it was a bit confusing. The process was different from anything she had encountered before. There were no clear rules to follow. Everybody in the group contributed to its development. Olga was free to explore, see and learn about herself through the group. The other participants developed their image of Olga, and it was important for her to recognize that she herself contributed to that image.

Opening up

“This course doesn’t stay on the surface, like some other communication courses I have participated in. The most important difference is that you give others an opportunity to see you. Talking isn’t enough. You must show emotions too. Sometimes this is painful, but it brings you closer to others. Each person is free to decide his or her own limits to openness. In the group, we learned to respect each other, including all the differences between us.”

Olga found that she tends to suppress negative things, and thereby to hold back more than necessary. She thinks she would have profited from commenting more freely on others, as some of the other participants did. The experience of the communication course will also be important in her job:

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to get closer to others, and I definitely hope to come back later.”

Olga is a moderator in Acem, and has already taught two follow-up courses in Acem Meditation. She likes it, and also enjoys meeting meditators in the Acem centre in Hamburg, where she now lives.

Svein Strømberg at the Acem communication course

Svein Strømberg at the Acem communication course

“The insights from this course are directly applicable to social situations at home and at work.” Svein Strømberg grew up in Norway, but has spent the past 16 years with his wife and two girls in Switzerland, where he works in sales of industrial raw materials. This year he participated in the Acem International Training Course in Interpersonal Communication.

“I had read about the communication course before I came here, so I thought I knew what to expect. But the open structure of the group sessions took me by surprise. I had imagined there would be a fixed agenda for the group activities. Instead, it was left to us, the participants, to find a way to start communicating. It was fascinating, but also slightly unsettling. In the beginning there was quite a lot of silence. But gradually we found ways of relating to each other. And in the process, with only a little help from the leaders and the other participants, I made quite a few new discoveries about myself. I began to identify patterns that I had only vaguely perceived before, such as my tendency – and even need – to adapt to external structures.”

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An extraordinary course

“The communication course is the most extraordinary course I’ve ever done!” says 44-year-old Dutch lawyer Edwin Mac Gillavry, who lives with his wife, Inge, in Leiden, Netherlands, and attended Acem’s interpersonal communication training in May 2008.

”The course was very intensive. I know no other course that runs for eight days from early morning till late at night. But the most important difference was that this course was not about instructors telling us a lot of theory about communication. Rather, it was a course in which I, together with my fellow group members, was helped to discover the ways I communicate. We had to figure it out for ourselves. Just being told by others how you communicate won’t change anything. You have to see it on your own. And that is exactly what we did in the communication course. I received feedback on how I acted, and I gained insights into what triggers me and what is at the root of my patterns of behaviour. It was like seeing myself reflected in a mirror – just what I needed.”

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