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From “I want” to “I demand”

 by Maria Gjems-Onstad

Contemporary culture has a tendency to idealize demands and strong expressions of emotion. It is as if the stronger the expression, the more justified the demand or the emotion. Acem Meditation counteracts this tendency and helps us to find better compromises between our own needs and the needs of our surroundings.

In Acem Meditation, as in everyday life, we have a tendency to treat feelings of need or want as though they were justified demands. Emotions that appear are often given a ring of absolute truth. However, both the meditation technique itself and the framework within which the technique is taught contain elements that counteract this tendency to treat our demands and strong emotions as though they were absolute and justified.

Demanding more

Groups or individuals that are seen as weak — because they have no power, little money or low prestige — are often encouraged to press their demands. They are less often encouraged to increase their own efforts to make personal changes.

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