How do you use your brain during meditation?

2019-07-06T22:10:36+02:00February 26th, 2011|

BA47Does it matter which parts of the brain you use when you meditate? It seems so. A recent study suggests that forms of meditation based on an open mode of attention lead to different types of brain activity than meditation based on concentration. Thus, ongoing research on brain activation may not only tell us more about what kind of mental activity meditation is, but may also reveal the distinctive elements in different meditation techniques.

Sound or breath

2019-07-06T22:14:13+02:00October 14th, 2010|

sofa meditationWhen Ignasi Corrella read about Acem Meditation in the big Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, he (like several hundred others) went ahead and learnt the technique. Then he asked a local yoga teacher who writes for the paper what he thought.

Meditation and the sea of life

2019-07-06T22:16:18+02:00August 21st, 2010|

Sea of LifeMeditation is a means of creating an inner space, where thoughts, experiences and impressions have room to expand, and where memories, impulses and dreams can circulate. Monika Wirkkala discusses how to navigate the stream of consciousness with a free mental attitude.

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