A guide to this summer’s international Acem retreats

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The practice of long meditations helps us understand what Acem Meditation is about, especially if it is done on several consecutive days, as on a retreat. We realize how silent but potent forces give an extra push to inner processes that increase our self-understanding. At its core, Acem Meditation is an intuitive way to grasp more fundamental aspects of our existence.

Another kind of dialogue

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He was only a teenager the first time he saw the watercolors of Swedish painter Lars Lerin. He felt like he'd had a revelation. The paintings spoke to him in a way he hadn't been spoken to before. Then he learned Acem Meditation. Meditating with closed eyes twice a day also opened new vistas and a different kind of dialogue.

A gradual change of direction

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Frank Otto interviewed by Anne Grete Hersoug

Frank Otto Acem MeditationFrank Otto has a doctoral degree in theoretical chemistry, and is working with software development in a small company in Berlin. We met […]

“Refreshing, exhausting and fascinating”

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Arild Næss"I was eager to go further and dig deeper." Arild Næss is a regular participant at deepening retreats in Acem Meditation. In his everyday life, he does research on how machines can recognize speech, and he would like his iPhone to understand how to tell his girlfriend she's beautiful. "The retreats help me see my own problems a little more like I see those of other people."

Upcoming retreats

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At a retreat with long meditations, your muscles relax, and your mind becomes more rested and ready for new challenges. Stimulating group discussions improve your technique, enhance the effect of meditating, and provide opportunities for existential reflection. The Meditation Blog gives you a calendar of upcoming retreats.

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