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A guide to this summer’s international Acem retreats

The practice of long meditations helps us understand what Acem Meditation is about, especially if it is done on several consecutive days, as on a retreat. We realize how silent but potent forces give an extra push to inner processes that increase our self-understanding. At its core, Acem Meditation is an intuitive way to grasp more fundamental aspects of our existence.
Acem Meditation summer retreat
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Another kind of dialogue

Simon Bihagen on watercolors and meditation

He was only a teenager the first time he saw the watercolors of Swedish painter Lars Lerin. He felt like he’d had a revelation. The paintings spoke to him in a way he hadn’t been spoken to before. Then he learned Acem Meditation. Meditating with closed eyes twice a day also opened new vistas and a different kind of dialogue.
Simon Bihagen Acem Meditation
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A heart without knots

Jane Kuei-chen Chou interviewed by Joy Lu

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The atmosphere at a deepening retreat is quite special

F, psychoanalyst, interviewed by Anne Grete Hersoug

Acem MeditationF has completed his psycho-analytic training and has a fulltime practice as a psychotherapist in a German city, with many different kinds of patients in depth-oriented therapy. Between the intensive processes with his patients, he sometimes needs to relax. What does he do then? Read more…

A gradual change of direction

Frank Otto interviewed by Anne Grete Hersoug

Frank Otto Acem MeditationFrank Otto has a doctoral degree in theoretical chemistry, and is working with software development in a small company in Berlin. We met him during his third visit this year to Acem International Retreat Centre Halvorsbøle in Norway.
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I have never experienced such openness

Nivedita Prabhu on her first deepening retreat

Nivedita Prabhu“I learnt Acem Meditation ten years ago in India. All these years I’ve been waiting to come to a retreat at Halvorsbøle and to this beautiful country. I finally made it and I’m very happy to be here,” says Nivedita Prabhu, the only participant from India in this year’s International Deepening Retreat. Read more…

“Refreshing, exhausting and fascinating”

Arild Brandrud Næss on deepening retreats

IMG_7185Arild Brandrud Næss was only 17 when he learned Acem Meditation. Now he is twice as old, but has continued his habit of daily meditation. Over the years he has also participated in a number of retreats, starting with a regular summer retreat, but soon switching to deepening retreats.

“I was eager to go more deeply into the meditation process and see what it was like. From what I had heard, deepening retreats sounded fascinating. And so they were.” Read more…

Upcoming retreats

Meditation retreats help you to recharge your batteries, and to change your direction when needed.

You can choose from a number of different types. On some retreats you can stay for a weekend (or even shorter), on others you stay for a whole week (or even longer). On regular retreats you learn to practise meditations of 3-4 hours a day (or shorter), while on deepening retreats you meditate for 6 hours a day (or longer). International retreats are in English (often with translation into other languages), while national retreats are usually in the local language.

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