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Fighting stress: meditation or medication?

The percentage of people who report being depressed is the highest in developed countries such as France and the US (around 30%), according to the Cross-national Epidemiology of DSM-IV Major Depressive Episode study published in the BMC Medicine journal in July. The study is referred to in an article on stress and meditation in Mint, the second-largest business newspaper in India.

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”Meditation brings changes to the brain”

Are Holen, expert in posttraumatic stress and founder of a meditation school
interviewed in the Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia


    the original interview in Spanish.

64 years of age, I am Norwegian, married, with two children. Psychologist, MD, PhD in medicine and specialist in psychiatry. Professor of neuromedicine at the University of Trondheim. Education is the foundation of a country’s prosperity. Believe in a non-punitive God.

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