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Meditation better than exercise?

The Telegraph reports divergent views on the effects of meditative practice

The Telegraph“Which is better for your body: meditation or exercise?” asks The Telegraph journalist Jonathan Wells on 23 March 2016. “On the surface, it seems like an obvious decision – physical exercise can strengthen our muscles, bones and heart, and has been proven to promote the production of oxytonin and other ‘feel-good’ chemicals. Whilst meditation is, well, a fad. Right? Wrong. Or, at least, possibly wrong.” Read more…

Physical exercise vs. meditation

runner in redBoth meditation and physical exercise are activities that may reduce our vulnerability to stress and increase our quality of life. In Acem Meditation, this happens as unsettled tensions in our mind are met with free mental repetition of a meditation sound. Physical exercise, on the other hand, brings us in better shape, increases our bodily strength and improves our physical and mental well-being, which might improve our general functional ability.

Meditation cannot replace physical exercise. One does not get stronger or in better physical shape by meditating. Very few meditators would argue that physical inactivity is desirable. Meditation and motion is even mutually enriching. Still, I believe that at times, there might also be a contradiction between meditation and physical exercise.

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