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Lorna’s life, Lorna’s fate

Some people have more than a life – they have a fate. Lorna Jeng has met with fortune, and misfortune, and fortune again. This summer she visited Scandinavia, where she travelled with her choir and participated in a summer course in Acem Meditation.

Refugee in own country

Lorna was born in Taiwan, but moved to Vietnam after marrying there. The end of the Vietnam war in 1975 did not bring peace to her family. The Americans withdrew, and the communists entered Saigon, where Lorna lived with her husband and three sons. Nobody knew what was going to happen. She decided the safest alternative was to bring her children to Taiwan for a period. Unfortunately, her youngest son, only three months old, was not allowed to leave, and had to stay behind with his father. Almost three years would pass before she saw them again, when her husband and youngest son also managed to flee to Taiwan.

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