Flow and friction in dance and meditation

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It feels good to be in a free flow. When we dance, we let rhythm find expression through the body. In synchrony with the movements of our partner, we let the impulses and improvisation be expressed during the dance. In meditation, being present in the repetition of the sound, softly and lightly, with a minimum of mental activity, is sufficient to give our attention a focus, without stopping the spontaneous flow of thoughts in our mind.

Expectations and the free mental attitude
Acem Meditation Q&A

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free"Isn't it something of a paradox to 'pursue' the free mental attitude, rather than just forget the whole thing and just sit there and relax?" asks a meditator. "You are quite right in not wanting to strive for the free mental attitude," answer instructor Dag and initiator Maria. "Accept whatever is there, even if you feel that you are not making any headway."

At the frontier

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into the wildernessA life controlled by the fear of ending up outside our area of mental freedom risks becoming an empty routine and a life unlived. Acting with a free mental attitude produces change, because it accepts that the grating, jerking, annoying and unwanted are also a part of us.

How to play a blues solo

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Rune Gronn“I get too excited and want too much.” Rune Grønn compares playing the guitar with the process of meditating. "Your sensitivity and technique need to be practised and refined over time." At Acem retreats he rediscovers parts of his lost childhood.

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