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The art of small adjustments

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You may know the phrase "can’t see the forest for the trees”. It applies to meditation as well. You may be in the middle of something important, but can’t see the big picture, and wish things were different. We’ve all got some inner rationales that control how we experience our meditation. It can make you somewhat blind. It’s then easy to devaluate both your meditation and its results. Letting yourself into the meditation process is to see that “what happened" is full of inner life and quite OK. That may, over time with regular meditation, expand your horizon and give you new perspectives.

Verbal and non-verbal processing of psychological residues

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We cannot control what comes to us spontaneously during meditation. Our focus is the volitional activity, the meditation practice itself. When we practice with a free mental attitude, we create a sort of mental freedom within us, where impressions, feelings, and fantasies can flow freely.

Free mental attitude in body and mind

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A free mental attitude – repeating the meditation sound gently and effortlessly in the mind and letting the stream of spontaneous thoughts come and go - is the basic principle of Acem Meditation. This attitude is essential to meditation. What about yoga? What is a free, open attitude on a bodily level?

A movie screen for our experiences

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Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes
PhD, Professor, Acem Initiator

In what climate do you meditate? Is it easy to repeat your meditation sound and to let spontaneous thoughts come and go? When is it more difficult? When there are many thoughts, or no recognized thoughts, or when you have a tendency to fall asleep? Or perhaps when thoughts about […]

Enough is enough

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Angry man“Meditate with a free mental attitude.” “Repeat the meditation sound with as little effort as possible.” “Go back to the sound as gently as you can at the time.” – You knew, […]

Free mental attitude – a metacognitive shift

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meditatorHalf of the time, our mind wanders between thoughts, episodes, images and feelings. In Acem Meditation, the free mental attitude often increases the spontaneous activity of the mind. The brain uses available capacity to work through residue from past events, "read" other people, find creative solutions and prepare for the future.

Inner strength – the necessary energy for life?

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According to a recent issue of ”Stern” (the German journal), we all have a source of inner strength from childhood on. But when we are adult, the access may become closed and we lose contact with our inner needs and feelings. While the focus of attention for animals often is on their strength; in human […]

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