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Giving something back
– new assistant instructor in Acem Germany

Ingrid Rentel interviewed by Carina Heimdal

Ingrid Rentel

Ingrid Rentel lives in Hamburg, and works in Human Resources in a large company. She has also trained as a teacher. Last autumn she became Germany’s second assistant instructor.

Acem runs courses in nine cities in Germany. In total 12 moderators and two assistant instructors, helped by instructors in Norway, are responsible for Acem’s activities in the country. More than 400 Germans learn to meditate every year, and with a new assistant instructor, Acem Germany is better equipped for arranging beginner’s courses and other activities.

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Building Acem Germany from scratch

How one instructor brought Acem Meditation to Europe’s most populous country

One grey morning in April 2001, a Norwegian who had taken some days off from work was observed in the grounds of Hamburg University distributing leaflets announcing a course in Acem Meditation. The initial response was far from encouraging: only one person turned up. Now, three years later, the same Norwegian is in charge of a vast array of Acem activities in Germany, with courses being held in about 20 German cities. Courses are often overbooked. Several hundred Germans learnt Acem Meditation during the past year. Many also participate in long meditations and weekend retreats. In Hamburg, for example, groups of meditators meet regularly, and long meditations are arranged 4-5 times a year. This summer the first one-week retreat will be held in Germerode in central Germany. The retreat is open to all German-speaking practitioners of Acem Meditation. Germany is the fastest growing country in the Acem family.

Cultural trend

“I had never believed the interest in Germany would take off like this,” says Ole Nygaard, the Norwegian in charge. A senior political correspondent by profession, Mr. Nygaard has taught Acem Meditation on a voluntary basis since 1975. With the help of other instructors, he is spreading knowledge of Acem Meditation to large parts of Europe’s most populous country. Read more…