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Inner strength – the necessary energy for life?

According to a recent issue of ”Stern” (the German journal), we all have a source of inner strength from childhood on. But when we are adult, the access may become closed and we lose contact with our inner needs and feelings. While the focus of attention for animals often is on their strength; in human beings, in contrast, the focus often seems to be on the weaknesses – the lack of strength, which is unfortunate, especially when the self-esteem is unstable.

When life in a complex world is challenging, we may feel the push for more self-assertiveness, but also a stronger need for time-out and rest. We may wish for a compass that helps our decisions. And we may want to develop the capacity to accept failures and keep a stable mood. We may feel the need for more security and inner strength when we are uncertain about the further development regarding personal matters, as well as economics and politics.

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