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Tomas Tranströmer and the arches of our cathedral

Helena Kettner Rudberg

Tomas TranströmerLast year the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer. Meditation can help us find ourselves in his poems.

Perspectives can change
Meditation can bring us closer to the themes that Tranströmer writes about: our inner movements and our encounters with what we always knew and what we never knew at all. Things won’t change, and situations won’t be undone. But our perspectives can change, and on this level we can influence our own lives, right amidst past experiences, relationships and contexts that bind us. Tranströmer’s poetry has a meditative quality full of sensitivity to the inner forces of life. Read more…

90 years old and on the road to reconciliation

Berit ØstbyBerit Østby interviewed by Halvor Eifring

She is not quite a typical 90-year-old. Last year she published a book of poetry, the fruit of five intensive years’ labour. When the book was finished, she rewarded herself with an Acem communication course, on the last night of which she read aloud from the collection, in a clear, authoritative voice and with a distinctive flair for the dramatic. She is now in full swing writing a novel. And hopes she can be reconciled with her mother.

In the interview, she immediately takes control: “I want to tell you about when I first learned to meditate. You can edit afterwards.” It was in the 1970s. She had not thought that meditation was for her, but a friend took her to a lecture by the founder of Acem, Are Holen, and she was struck. “His facial expressions and sense of humour made me laugh. I saw everything he said in my mind’s eye. I decided to join in the way forward.”

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