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Close your eyes and you will see

– but deadlines are approaching

man in meditationEven with a conventional mindset, you can appreciate what an Acem retreat has to offer: a swim in the lake, a walk in the woods, a room with a view, and interesting conversations with people from various parts of the world. The benefits of spending a week of your summer holiday sitting alone in your room with closed eyes for several hours a day may be less obvious. In fact, however, long meditations are where you pave the way for more fundamental changes in your life. Read more…

Long meditations

Their qualities aren’t easy to describe, and the following may seem pretentious:

I heard a silent noise
and saw the white of night
as my mind was shot inaudibly
with rays of pitch-black light

A glowing darkness covered me
and filled my blinded sight
with quiet sounds of roaring calm
— a moment’s release from fright

It may all be a little too dramatic, for the intensity of meditation is quite low-key. That’s also the reason why I dropped the following two lines:

At the top of my muted voice
I cried with no sound at all

They sound good, but aren’t really true — if truth is a guideline to go by in poetry.