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111 meditation timers

Meditation TimerA search for “meditation timer” on my iPhone gives 111 results – many of them free, others at a usually quite low price. (Similar results appear on Android devices.) I have presented Insight timer on this blog before, and that is still the one I use. It is not free, however, and although the price is not high, some might prefer to find a costless alternative. Many timers come in two variants, one free (but with ads and a more limited set of features), another at a price. Read more…

Meditation and daily rhythms

Recently, I resumed my practice of meditating twice a day for half an hour each. For the last six months, I had been meditating once a day for 45 minutes. Meditating once in the morning, and then once again in the evening, and perhaps a few minutes before going to sleep sets a rhythm to the day which is missing when I meditate just once a day. Below I write about my experience with this schedule.

Such a schedule divides one’s day into two alternate spheres, the inward and the outward. One starts the day by taking a dip inwards and the actions of the day then bear a trace of that half hour of meditation. One feels more alive, more in touch with oneself, perhaps specifically with a particular aspect of the psyche that the meditation has raised near to the surface from the depths.

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