Basic principles of meditative yoga

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In yoga exercises, one stretches the muscles gently and without force. One maintains the stretch for some seconds without incurring strain or pain. In this way, the muscle fibers and tendons will slowly yield; their tonus is changed, and over time they become somewhat elongated. This kind of cautious stretching is easily combined with a calm and unrestrained breathing.

The Battle for Realism: Schisms in the Early Meditation Movement

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During Acem's first years, the organisation cooperated with the TM movement, but deep-seated differences led to a final break in 1972. These schisms in the early meditation movement illustrate widely different approaches to meditation and personal development. Tor Hersoug's article "The Battle for Realism" also explains how the TM movement began to make ever wilder claims about "yogic flying" and invincibility.

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