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The silent sounds of Acem Meditation

By Halvor Eifring

Wang LishaSound plays a central role in many forms of meditation, including Acem Meditation. What is it about sound that stimulates relaxation as well as psychological and existential processes? Read more…

The Wall Live – still alive?

the wall liveOriginally we were hoping to see “The Wall Live” with former Pink Floyd-member Roger Waters during our one-week holiday in Prague, but the tickets were all sold out. By sheer luck we discovered that Waters would also give two concerts close to our home in Norway after we got back – this week. We went and had the pleasure of enjoying a two-and-a-half hour gigantic multimedia show that included the whole indoor football stadium, which was packed with almost 20,000 people. Read more…

Bob Dylan likes Dyade?

Tempest by Bob Dylan with DyadeBob Dylan’s last album Tempest has already become a legend unto itself, both because of its musical qualities and because there was a rumour that it would be his final cut, since it almost shared name with Shakespeare’s last play “The Tempest”. For some of us, one of the interesting things about the album is that the deluxe version of it contains a booklet including an image of the front page of Dyade’s special issue on Bob Dylan from 1979.

Dyade is Acem School of Meditation’s quarterly magazine, publishing articles on topics ranging from meditation and psychology to social, cultural and philosophical issues. Unfortunately for some readers of The Meditation Blog it is written in Norwegian. But what’s the problem? After all, we have Google Translate!

The author of the old Dyade issue on Dylan is Torbjørn Hobbel, who was (and for all I know still is) an ardent fan and wrote about the Dylan of the 1970s from a very personal angle. He probably didn’t anticipate at the time that 33 years later his product would itself become part of a Dylan album! But the Dyade issue did sell well and was later reprinted to accommodate popular demand!


A new Danish version of the Norwegian book “Stillhetens Psykologi” edited by Are Holen will hit the streets in not too long. “Stillhetens Psykologi” (literally translated “The Psychology of Silence”) is a basic book about Acem Meditation, a meditation technique fom Norway. My favourite part of the book is the last chapter, called “Silence”. In this chapter it is described in a poetic way how meditation can make it possible to get in touch with more silent parts of our existence. One sentence goes: “Sjelen kan få hviske oss i øret om noe ulevet”, meaning something like “The soul can whisper us in the ear about something unlived.” This sentence reminds me of a song by Carla Bruni, the French singer-songwriter and earlier topmodel who is now French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife. In the song Péché d’envie she sings about everything she wants to have done in her life: Read more…