Then and Now

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A group of young students also sought new views of the world. They were convinced that man has an inner potential for change. In the beginning, they looked to the East. There they found meditation, but soon discovered that Eastern ways were not always suitable in the context of Western culture and psychology. So what would be left if the religious element were taken away from the meditation technique? They discussed, experimented, tried things out, and did research. On 27 January 1966 they established Acem as an organisation.

“I return home with increased self-confidence.”

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As an air traffic controller in Karlsruhe, Germany, Benjamin Kartal has a stressful job. "I always have to think plan a, b, c and d. I need to be flexible. If I'm not, I'll build up anger and frustration. My daily meditations help me reduce stress levels a lot."

“I can change with this meditation”

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“When I was looking for a meditation technique, I looked for a method I could use to improve myself. I was particularly interested in the psychological aspects. Acem Meditation looked promising. Since I like to prepare and know what things are about, I read the information about scientific aspects of the technique on the website. Rather than just following the road already defined, I prefer an open-ended process."

A guide to this summer’s international Acem retreats

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The practice of long meditations helps us understand what Acem Meditation is about, especially if it is done on several consecutive days, as on a retreat. We realize how silent but potent forces give an extra push to inner processes that increase our self-understanding. At its core, Acem Meditation is an intuitive way to grasp more fundamental aspects of our existence.

Meditation and communication

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TorgerAcem teaches meditation, but also arranges training courses in communication. What happens in your mind during meditation reflects the way you interact with others, and vice versa. This year provides several opportunities for retreats, deepening and communication.

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