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Why worry?

why worry

On worries and negative thoughts

By Petter Halvorsen

When we meditate, we sometimes drift into worry and ruminations. The stream of thoughts can bring about various inner dialogues. At times we get into negative evaluations about how we meditate: “Am I doing it right now? Is this a free mental attitude? Am I repeating the meditation sound properly?” There is often a critical inner voice that speaks to us and governs our inner action during meditation. Read more…

When you can’t get rid of your dreaded self

Turid Suzanne Berg-Nielsen

Imagine the following advertisement: “Pamper yourself with an Acem retreat and meet dreaded parts of yourself”. One thing is certain: it would be a quiet, peaceful retreat with very few participants! But is it true that when we close our eyes, turn our attention inwards and Acem-meditate, they’ll emerge from the deep, dark inner corners of ourselves – the awful self-images, like ghosts from our childhood (because that’s where they usually come from)? The answer is yes and no.

To meditate is to open doors inwards. If we have feelings of inferiority hidden deeply away in some inner closet, we may stumble upon them when we meditate.

Psychological maturity has a lot to do with how we handle unforeseen encounters with aspects of ourselves we like the least. Correspondingly, psychological immaturity or stagnation can manifest itself in the various ways we avoid just such confrontations. Why is this the case? Doesn’t it contradict much of popular psychology to cling to positive thoughts about ourselves and others? On the other hand, is there really any point in seeing our own shortcomings eye-to-eye?

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