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Windows of opportunity

635977_93343452-224x300This week I went to a guidance seminar led by Acem’s founder Dr Are Holen. A young woman in the audience raised a question regarding the mental repetition of the meditation sound, which is a central element in Acem Meditation. When she first learned the technique, she found it easy to practise, but now she was in doubt. Would it be best to sub-vocalise the sound, almost as if she wanted to say it aloud? Or would it be better to think the sound in her mind without any attempt at clear enunciation? The first solution would make her feel sure that she was repeating the correct sound, while the second solution would feel more relaxed.

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A three-way dance

By Turid Suzanne Berg-Nielsen

3-way dance


Sitting down and meditating may seem very straightforward: simply close your eyes and repeat a meaningless sound in your head. A natural question is how this uncomplicated act can lead to both deep reduction of stress and psychological growth. The answer, unfortunately, is rather more complex. Briefly, when you meditate, you activate both an ability to act and a sensitive receptiveness along with freedom of thought. These mental activities are normally regarded as difficult to combine. This article describes how they co-exist during Acem Meditation.

The Act
When you Acem Meditate, you develop the ability to perform an act irrespective of what is going on inside you. Admittedly the act is simple: merely the free repetition of a sound in the mind. However, after only a few minutes’ meditation you may discover that your head is full of potential distractions which draw your thoughts away from the sound. Such is the nature of meditation. Sooner or later, however, you usually find your way back to the sound and recover the ability to do what you are supposed to do without too much effort.

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