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Yes, we are going to the World Retreat!

I  Jayaraj, New Delhi
I. Jayaraj “Together with my family, I participated in the first World Retreat in 2003. It was a great experience for all of us. I am now looking forward to participate in the World Retreat 2016 in the Pyrenees and get together with meditators from many countries. This will be a unique event, I’m sure.” Read more…

Hiking in the Pyrenees

Travel tips after the World Retreat 2016

My wife Joy and I spent a week hiking in the Pyrenees last summer, in the Aigüestortes national park close to the site of next year’s World Retreat.

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Once-in-a-lifetime experience

World Retreat in the Spanish Pyrenees 16-23 July 2016

world retreat acem meditation boi taull
When Acem celebrates 50 years of existence in 2016, the major celebratory event will be a world retreat bringing together Acem meditators from all over the globe. Several hundred participants from various countries and continents will meet for a week of long meditations, guidance, seminars, yoga, mountain walks and social activities. Read more…

Team España!

Margaret Garcia-Moraga Koch on moderator training in Spain

Acem’s intensive activities in Spain are possible thanks to considerable local efforts and the local Acem center (Casa Acem) in Alicante. Acem Spain has two assistant instructors and five moderators. Below, one of the moderators from Alicante shares her thoughts about her new role.

“I have now been living almost 30 years in Spain, the last 20 of them in Alicante. (The Spanish name is a legacy of my ex-husband). As a nurse, I work with cancer patients in terminal phases, so I often have to confront heavy emotional burdens and stressful situations. Read more…

“I’ve become more receptive.”

— Josefina Prieto after the summer retreat

Josefina Prieto at the summer retreat
When a friend recommended Acem Meditation, Josefina decided to give it a try. The first experience made her feel this was something she wanted to go for. She would like to practise the technique in her everyday life – not just try it for a short time.

“It gave me more energy and a different perspective on some important areas of my life,” she says.

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What happened in Spain?

One day in April, when Arne Heimdal opened his e-mail account back home in Oslo, his mailbox was filled to the brim with letters from Spain asking about courses in Acem Meditation. He had been coordinator of Acem’s activities in Spain since 2001, but had never experienced anything like this, with several hundred e-mails in just a few days. What had happened?
Barcelona large

It turned out that Acem’s founder, Dr Are Holen, had been interviewed in La Vanguardia, the biggest newspaper in the Barcelona area. The interview covered the whole back page, which according to locals is the most frequently read page in the entire newspaper. Dr. Holen had visited Barcelona a few weeks earlier to give a public lecture about scientific studies of meditation, including Acem Meditation brain research in which he himself had been involved. (You can read an English translation of the interview here.)

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