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Killing the common cold viruses with meditation?

Would you volunteer to participate in a study where viruses are injected in order to measure the risk that you catch a cold? 276 volunteers actually participated in an American study of this kind*). After the injection of the virus, the participants stayed in quarantine for five days. Then measures were taken of congested noses, and the snot was weighed.

The results indicated that stressed persons more easily catch a cold, which may not come as a big surprise, and those who experience chronic stress are most likely to catch a cold. The researchers wanted to assess the participants’ level of stress. After the necessary interviews, the conclusion left no doubt: those who had been most stressed were also the hardest hit by the cold.

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Coming home alive

MG_6119-e1349132785177-200x300 interviewed by Christopher Grøndahl

I’ve always enjoyed traveling, says Jan Claudius, construction engineer and project manager. After a week of training in interpersonal communication at the Halvorsbøle retreat center, he sees connections between the social journey of the course, his recent trip to the Americas and the practice of long meditations.

A first timer at the communication course, Jan found the groups to be a very good framework for building better self-esteem, particularly in situations where he needs to address a number of people at the same time. Read more…

When the level of stress is too high

Research on people’s reactions after disasters has provided strong evidence for how we tend to react when the stressor is too high – i.e. when the disaster strikes. No matter what happens in a catastrophic event, how it happens, or in what part of the world it happens: too much is too much for those who are involved. The impacts of such experiences are usually severe, and survivors often need professional help afterwards. The recovery process, and working through the stressful events, may require long time. One will never quite forget the disaster. In Norway, the most severe recent event is the brutal mass killing at Utoya on 22 July 2011. Survivors and the families of the victims have recently gone through the trial – a painful ten-week ordeal, which reactivated the experiences of the disaster for many of those involved.

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Fighting stress: meditation or medication?

The percentage of people who report being depressed is the highest in developed countries such as France and the US (around 30%), according to the Cross-national Epidemiology of DSM-IV Major Depressive Episode study published in the BMC Medicine journal in July. The study is referred to in an article on stress and meditation in Mint, the second-largest business newspaper in India.

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