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How do you relate to your spontaneous thoughts?

Mind-wandering, brain and meditation

Svend Davanger, MD, PhD
Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Oslo
Meditation Instructor in Acem

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More creative with meditation?

By Rolf Brandrud

Meditating back to backCreativity is on everyone’s lips. Can we claim that meditation helps us become more creative? Yes, says Rolf Brandrud. Read more…

Laxness: Am I being overly passive?
Acem Meditation Q&A

Dag & MariaDag Spilde and Maria Gjems-Onstad answer questions about meditation. Dag is a chief advisor and project manager at EDB ErgoGroup ASA, and Maria is a clinical psychologist in Oslo. Both have more than 30 years of experience teaching Acem Meditation. .


I currently find that the meditation sound is almost entirely absent in my meditation. There are either only thoughts passing through my mind, or the meditation sound goes on autopilot while thoughts whiz through my head. Afterwards I can’t remember whether I have repeated the sound properly. Is this what you call laxness? I try to pull myself together, but am only able to do so a short while and then I seem to derail again.

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An empty mind: Will meditation help us attain that state?

by Torbjørn Hobbel

Everyone who meditates – whether with Acem Meditation or another technique – has to deal with thoughts. People who have tried unsuccessfully to meditate often say, ”It was too difficult. I was unable to get rid of my thoughts.” This article offers some reflections on thoughts in meditation from an Acem perspective and compares them with Buddhist views of meditation. The manner in which thoughts are dealt with during meditation – and the understanding of their importance – makes Acem Meditation different from most other meditation methods.

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