Coming home alive

2019-07-05T14:55:04+02:00October 2nd, 2012|

Jan ClaudiusJan Claudius sees connections between the social journey of the communication course, his recent trip to the Americas and the practice of long meditations. He biked Death Road in Bolivia, and he came home alive. When we talked to him, he had just come home from Acem's communication course. Alive.

Meditation tour of South India

2019-07-06T22:15:28+02:00September 17th, 2010|

tamil naduRegister now for the Acem Travels tour of South India 12-27 February 2011. Enchanting Tamil Nadu! A meditation retreat followed by a tour of some of the world's most fantastic sacred sites, natural wonders, historic buildings and shopping areas. Bustling crowds and good travelling company with fellow meditators.

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