More than here and now

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The stream of thoughts may look disorderly, like a random mix without meaning. In daily life, we don’t attach much value to such “confused” thinking. What about meditation? Research on nondirective meditation indicates that meditation techniques that allow thoughts to come and go freely have more profound effects for relaxation and stress relief than do directive techniques – i.e. concentration techniques. This article takes a look at the inner experience and the psychological implications of these findings.

I remember

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I rememberBegin to write on a sheet of paper "I remember..." and then see what comes next. Surprisingly often, what comes are memories that haven't been looked at for years, and they frequently carry central issues from your life. Meditation is also a work-through of memories.

When the meditation sound is gone

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dreamLike dreams at night and slips of the tongue during the day, the loss of the meditation sound during meditation brings us into a fertile no-man's land where conscious and unconscious impulses intermingle. In contrast to dreams, meditation brings us closer to the unconscious while we are still awake and aware. While dreams provide much-needed mental hygiene, meditation goes one step further and helps us clearing new ground.

The elephant in the forest

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Indian psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar compares the unconscious to a usually good-natured elephant that we cannot really control. He writes, 'the unconscious demands respect, even awe, not only for its uncanny knowledge but also for its terrible power'.

Making the unconscious conscious

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The unconscious is beyond our control, but influences our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Meditation facilitates deep bodily and mental relaxation and brings us closer to unconscious impulses, thereby reducing their hold on our lives. Article by new Acem initiator Thor Udenæs.

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