The birds flew in

BlomsterThe news about the terror tragedy in Norway 22 July, where 69 youth and 8 government employees were killed, made a strong impression on the participants at the Spanish retreat of Acem Meditation which started just after the tragedy.
The Spanish meditators took the initiative to make paper birds in many colours, each one with their personal greetings to Norway, as a token of their empathy.

The birds flew into the ocean of flowers in front of the Cathedral in Oslo.


  1. Kaif

    Nice to know about the sympathy from the Spanish people.

    At my workplace, during lunchtime, some people discussed reports they had read about the Halden Prison and how amazed they were by the high living standards there for criminals.

  2. I think we all appreciate the various expressions of sympathy from around the world. This event will change Norwegian society, and we don’t know yet how.

  3. Carina

    A beautiful way of showing their empathy!

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