The King’s Speech – A Meditative Pleasure

King's Speech

I was really delighted by the Winner-Takes-All sweep of Oscars by the King’s Speech. It was one of the best movies I have seen for a long time. After some time I was surprised that the movie appeared to be nearing its end – after just one hour. I looked at may watch: Nearly two hours had passed.

It was like that kind of meditation when the time just flows by. In some ways the movie was low key and moving not slowly, but silently. But it was very intense. – For me, the movie also made one other connection to Acem Meditation. The unorthodox speech therapist, friendly, unorthodox, inventive, quite competent, independent and quite sensitive, also, to a certain extent, reminded me of Are Holen, the founder of Acem.


  1. Halvor

    I had exactly the same feeling about time passing fast without realising that was what was happening. Is it already over? The main interest, I felt, was in the persons, both the prince and his therapist. As for the therapy, I felt after the film that it all seemed a little too simple, but it didn’t really bother me during the film.

  2. Folke

    I found the film very moving. Above all, I saw in it it a story about the need for a friend, someone who can mirror you and who is at eye level with you. And it is a story about loneliness, the terrible lack of genuine contact with other persons befalling someone in the king´s position. The therapist had the courage to fill this void in the king´s life.

  3. nickt

    I loved the film, what struck me was how trust and empathy were needed to help the King and he had to believe and accept what was happening rather than to push it away. My favourite scene was the moment where the King starts to play with the toys of Logue’s son and starts to talk about his own childhood, touching and moving and the start of acceptance for him.

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