A tour to Rajasthan in India

Acem Travels invites you to take part in a 15 day long tour of Rajasthan in India in February 2018. The tour includes a one week retreat in Acem Meditation and a one week tour to fantastic places of culture, history and natural wonders.

Departure from Europe Saturday 10 February, returning on Sunday 25 February. The tour leader will be Torbjørn Hobbel, meditation teacher in Acem. The retreat will take place in a highly suitable location in Udaipur, Rajasthan, at a very quiet and secluded resort of a very high standard. Large gardens and surrounding hills. It will be lead by Are Holen, the founder of Acem.


Udaipur, the Venice of the East
The most romantic spot on the continent of India?

One of the largest and most outstanding of the Jain temple complexes.

Taj Mahal
One of the planet’s iconic sights.

The mind-blowing pink city.

A fantastic, remote mountain fort with the second longest wall in the world.

Old Nathdwara
Playground of the seven-year old god Krishna.

UNESCO World Heritage bird sanctuary.

Unbelievable Muslim pilgrimage centre

The capital of India. Delhi is a city where time travel is actually possible. Step aboard your time machine (the sleek and efficient metro) and you can go from Old Delhi, where labourers haul sacks of spices and jewelers weigh gold on dusty scales, to modern New Delhi, with its colonial-era parliament buildings and penchant for high tea. Then on to the future: Gurgaon, a satellite city of skyscraping offices and glitzy malls.

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