Gift card for Acem Meditation World Retreat 2016 available now

gift card
Are you going to the World Retreat in the Spanish Pyrenees this summer? Would you like someone else to join you? A partner, a friend, a son or daughter, a mother or father, a sister or brother, or someone else who might be interested?

If they have already learned Acem Meditation, they can take part in the full retreat program, including long meditations and guidance groups.

If they have not yet learned Acem Meditation, they can go through a full beginner’s course at the retreat, and in addition take part in the evening seminars with Acem’s founder Dr. Are Holen, a number of inspiring workshops, sessions of meditative yoga suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners, social interaction in an international environment, and walks in the woods, villages, and mountains.

Gift card in English
Gift card in Spanish
Gift card in Catalan
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Copy editor: Ann Kunish