Training in Interpersonal Communication
Halvorsbøle International Retreat Centre, Oslo
29 April – 7 May 2023

What did participants Oriol and Borghild take home from this course in 2022?

Oriol Cuxart Pérez, Biomedical Engineer, Barcelona: This course will improve my relationships”

“The course has significantly improved my self-understanding. Both meditation and the communication course facilitate a connection with the subconscious. I have uncovered issues from my life that are problematic, and that influence how I make decisions, but which I did not see so clearly before. At this course, you see yourself honestly and through others. The feedback from others made me reflect and helped me see my own feelings, feelings that I tend to suppress. I think the course will improve my relationships, as I can be more open about my feelings as well as a better listener.”

Borghild Glosimot, Social worker and family therapist, Oslo: The course has improved my self-esteem”.

In this course, you will receive feedback that you can utilize  –  feedback that gives you food for thought, given in a safe environment that allows you to talk about things in a different way. I have seen my inner critic in a new light. I now understand better where the inner critic comes from, and I have gained some freedom from its power. I am a therapist and have been in therapy myself, but the intensity and process focus of this course is unique.”


We are happy to invite Acem meditators from all countries to this very special event. The training is suitable both for first-timers and people with previous experience from Acem’s communication courses.