Ursula Illert lives in Frankfurt, Germany. She works as an actress and a freelancer for radio, TV, and audiobooks. When she felt the need to discuss her meditation, video was the solution.

 Made my meditation practice regular

«For me, video guidance was a good thing. I could talk about my meditation with an instructor even when no physical meetings were possible and no courses available. I was meditating irregularly, and for a while, I hadn’t been able to participate in the local meetings in Frankfurt, where I live. The video guidance actually helped me to become more regular in my meditation practice again, and to continue with steady practice. The dialogues have helped me to see how I can handle my meditation problems in better ways. I have also got some ideas as to how I can change the way I repeat the meditation sound.»

 Experience of closeness

«To meet a person face to face is something special, but video guidance is still a good way to have a dialogue. And it is helpful. Strangely enough, it felt like this kind of dialogue was very close and intimate. It feels like we almost sit in the same room, face to face.»


«My experience is that guidance groups are important, particularly in retreats. It is always very interesting to talk about meditation in a group and listen to the others. When someone is open, it helps others to become more open too. You understand that you are not alone with your problems, and it stimulates reflection after the group discussions. But dialogues with individual guidance may also be valuable at times, and I am very grateful for this possibility, especially since we are left to practice on our own until we are past the corona restrictions.»

Interviewed by Peik Jensen

Translated by Anne Grete Hersoug