Even in this year of the pandemic a communication course and several summer retreats will take place at Acem’s retreat centres in Scandinavia.

We live in special times, with new information every day about the pandemic, infection prevention measures, and vaccines. We have become used to living with uncertainty: Can I go to work next week? Can the children go to school? Can I invite friends and family home? Can I participate in long meditations in the local Acem facility? Under such circumstances, it can be good to have a respite to look forward to: the communication course in May and/or Acem retreats in July and August.

We are quite confident that it will be possible to arrange these courses. From the outset, Acem has taken infection control seriously. As of the summer of last year, this has made it possible to carry out most of the planned retreats at Halvorsbøle, Acem’s course venue outside Oslo, Norway. We assume that will be possible this year as well.

We believe this will be the case at Lundsholm in Sweden as well, but should it prove difficult to cross the borders from other countries, we now also know that moving retreats from Lundsholm to Halvorsbøle works smoothly.

That touches upon the most uncertain point: Can we count on international participation this year? At the moment, all our borders are closed. At the same time, vaccines and the possibility of vaccine passports give us some hope that we are nearing the end of the pandemic. We hope the borders can open before the communication course at the end of May. At the same time, if you wish to take part, due to the uncertainty we recommend that you either wait to buy tickets or buy tickets that can be refunded.

You can find all international retreats by visiting the calendar on acem.com, including:

We hopefully look forward to seeing you this summer!