What’s meditation about?

face behind faceWe all know that meditation brings relaxation and energy and sometimes stimulates a process of self discovery and personality development. Many meditators have a feeling there’s something more to it, though ordinary language doesn’t easily convey what it’s all about and often makes it sound like new age clichés. I don’t know if my attempt at poetry is much better, but at least it is an attempt:

Beneath the skin of your face
lie the contours
of another face
less worried, less edgy
more in place

Within the valves of your heart
sounds the beating
of another heart
more in tune, more at ease
less prone to fall apart

Behind your watchful eyes
shines a luster
of brighter eyes
less wary, less tense
sparked by beams from other skies

FaceI got some help with the language from my student Ann Kunish, who knows both poetry and meditation – and English.


  1. Kaif

    Really nice…thoughtful, sensitive, touching.

    In its hopes for a different world, the poem reminds me slightly of a poem by the Russian poet Arseny Tarkovsky, which is quoted in the film ‘Stalker’:

    Now summer is gone
    And might never have been
    It is warm in the sunshine
    But there has to be more

    It all came to pass
    All fell into my hands
    Like a five-petalled leaf
    But there has to be more

    Life gathered me up
    Safe under its wing
    My luck always held
    But there has to be more

  2. Halvor

    Once more thanks a lot to Kaif for bringing in his wide array of literary associations. My little poems are hardly worthy of such comparisons, but your associations give me a sense of having, as the Chinese say, 拋磚引玉 pāo zhuān yǐn yù ‘thrown out a brick to attract a jade’. And that’s quite satisfying.

  3. Kaif

    When someone sings a song, you sing along. When someone recites poetry, you recite poetry with them. I think this is a nice way to communicate!

    I really look forward to more poems from you, although I may not always manage to have poetic associations to them.

  4. Hello Halvor,
    I chanced upon your poem through Kaif. I was so moved by the beauty of your thought and the simplicity of your words that so deftly peel off the “face” that we wear, exposing the spirit within and dreams of beyond, that I couldn’t help but drop a line.

    Thank you for this poem. It is truly beautiful.

    Warm regards,

  5. Karan Sewani

    very nice poem, as a meditator i can relate to it, there is one quote “fear has no power once you face it.” if we relate this poem to this quote, you have described the parts of ourselves which would be free once we have faced our fears, very beautifully and with simplicity

  6. very touching lines, being a mediator I can relate to these lines. Mediation is a spiritual journey that lead us to self discovery. You can only feel, once you try it.

  7. nick tedstone

    It’s from beautiful discussions like this that I wonder why we don’t spend more time encouraging different ways of articulating how we feel; poetry, painting and dance could all be useful ways of expressing how it is to meditate. Got me thinking! And I particularly like the idea of chucking out a brick to extract a jewel.

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