face behind faceWe all know that meditation brings relaxation and energy and sometimes stimulates a process of self discovery and personality development. Many meditators have a feeling there’s something more to it, though ordinary language doesn’t easily convey what it’s all about and often makes it sound like new age clichés. I don’t know if my attempt at poetry is much better, but at least it is an attempt:

Beneath the skin of your face
lie the contours
of another face
less worried, less edgy
more in place

Within the valves of your heart
sounds the beating
of another heart
more in tune, more at ease
less prone to fall apart

Behind your watchful eyes
shines a luster
of brighter eyes
less wary, less tense
sparked by beams from other skies

FaceI got some help with the language from my student Ann Kunish, who knows both poetry and meditation – and English.