bathing in the river
With 2016 just around the corner, the Acem Meditation World Retreat is not far away. Here follows some news about the retreat, which is presented more fully at

swimming in the poolHow many?

As of now, well over a hundred participants have signed up and paid for the world retreat. We know many others plan to register soon. Don’t wait too long, air fares are likely to become more expensive as summer approaches.

Which countries?

The people who have already registered and paid for the world retreat come from Germany, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Taiwan. We know there will also be participants from a number of other countries and continents, including the US, the Netherlands, India, and – of course – Spain. taüll

Holidays in Spain

A number of participants from Taiwan have decided to plan for holidays in Spain after the retreat. They will contact a local travel agent to arrange their trip. This may be something to think about for participants from other countries.


The retreat program is still in the making. We already know you will have long meditations in your own room, guidance in various languages, seminars with Acem’s founder Dr. Are Holen, and time for walks in the nearby woods, swimming in the pool or river, and for visits to the world heritage Medieval sites in Taüll village, only ten minutes away by foot.


During the retreat, there will be a number of parallel workshops to choose from. Some of these will be talks on meditation topics, such as:

Meditation and the Brain
Meditation and the Heart
Meditation and the Mind
Cultural Histories of Meditation

There will also be practice-oriented workshops, such as:


Yoga Breathing Practices
Yoga Impulse Practices
Painting Your Self
Walking Through Your Life

And since we are in Spain, you may instead choose to listen to talks on Spanish culture and history. The choice is yours.

Copy editor: Ann Kunish