I  Jayaraj, New Delhi
I. Jayaraj “Together with my family, I participated in the first World Retreat in 2003. It was a great experience for all of us. I am now looking forward to participate in the World Retreat 2016 in the Pyrenees and get together with meditators from many countries. This will be a unique event, I’m sure.”

Mercedes Ozuna, New York
Mercedes Ozuna “After several retreats in Norway, I am eager to go for another one, this time in Spain. The World Retreat will be something quite special, with meditation high in the mountains. In this beautiful landscape, I look forward to meet meditators from different parts of the world.”

Andy Chang & Megan Lin, Taipei
Megan Lin and Andy Chang “The World Retreat takes place so far away from Taiwan, and this will be a very exciting journey for us. It looks really nice to meditate in the scenic surroundings. We are looking very much forward to get acquainted with many other meditators just there, in the Pyrenees.”